From the Pastor


From the Pastor

If you are looking for a church that caters for the spiritual needs of all ages or maybe just want to check out a different place of worship, you will find our services blessed with the presence of God, as well as being Bible-based in practice and teaching.


 Being followers of the Pentecostal experience of the original apostles it’s not unusual for people to speak in other tongues by the power of the Holy Spirit or for the sick to be prayed for with the laying on of hands in Jesus’ name.

 Sunday school for 5 to 12 year olds, Men’s, Women’s and Youth groups compliment regular services held twice on Sunday and a mid-week night.

 If it’s a deeper understanding of the Bible you want or have unanswered questions, the knowledge you are searching for could come by:

  1. Personalized teaching and discussion,

  2. Structured Bible studies, or

  3. A video Bible school course taught by experts in their particular fields.

 I look forward to meeting you at the church or exchanging views on any of the articles elsewhere on this site.

 Pastor Paul Nightingale